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Clients come to me with major extension damage that has left their hair weak and brittle. They want a product that can turn back time and give them the hair they had before they started using extensions.

While I can’t perform miracles, I can give them a product that will get pretty darn close. I’ve tried many products over the years to help my clients with extension damage, and I’ve found that the best way to help their hair is to give them a product that hides the damage and makes their hair look healthy again.


This is why I continue to show my clients how to use XFusion Keratin Fibers in the salon; it’s so easy to use that they can take the bottle home with them and apply whenever they want. These Fibers easily hide thinning areas and blend into their existing hair, so their hair ends up looking completely natural and damage-free. With my clients’ hair looking fabulous long after they’ve left the salon, I’m starting to be seen as a “miracle” hairstylist!

Johnny, Hairstylist
Philadelphia, PA

I know that my clients expect to walk away from my chair feeling confident. And because of their high expectations, one of my favorite styling products has become the XFusion Hair Fattener for its versatility and reliability.

To achieve the confidence and satisfaction that keeps my clients coming back, I reach for this product to help clients who have thin or fine hair instantly get thicker, fuller-looking hair. And it couldn’t be easier to apply…


First, I take a small amount and run the product through their hair using my fingertips while hair is still wet. Then, I blow dry hair in sections to achieve the maximum potential of this hair thickening serum.

Almost all of my clients can benefit from this styling product because it is thoughtfully made without sulfates and parabens, which means I can use it on those who have color-treated hair. An added benefit is that it’s also made with keratin proteins and nutrients, which are the powerhouse ingredients that make this product a stylist’s essential.

Michael, Hairstylist
Chicago, IL

Widening part lines are no longer something only older men and women might have to deal with. I see clients in my salon who are a lot younger asking me what is happening to their hair.

I have to be real with them, and let them know that unfortunately there’s not much they can do once their part line starts to widen. Luckily though, there is a cosmetic product that we use in my salon that can conceal the widening part line, and has helped many of my clients feel hopeful again about their hair.


I use XFusion Keratin Fibers on my clients’ part lines and front hairlines to get rid of any scalp show-through. Clients can’t believe this product even exists, and love it even more because it washes out easily with shampoo. They’re able to use this product in the comfort of their own home, and no one else is any wiser.

Ricky, Salon Owner
Phoenix, Arizona

Clients often ask me which shampoo and conditioner they should be using to help make their hair grow back, grow faster, or which products they could be using that will make their fine or thin hair more manageable.

Overtime, and through trial and error with my loyal clients, I’ve learned that the best hair care products for hair regrowth contain powerhouse ingredients like keratin proteins, which can aid in making hair stronger, healthier and thicker-looking.


Now, whenever I’m asked for a shampoo or conditioner recommendation from a client who has fine or thin hair, I always tell them about XFusion Shampoo and Conditioner. These products are formulated with the exact ingredients listed above, and were designed to be used together several times a week to both strengthen and repair damaged hair, while also building the ideal environment for hair regrowth.

Katie, Salon Owner
Atlanta, GA

Scalp show-through is many people’s worst nightmare, and when clients come to me for advice, I know I need to have a solution for them.

As a hairstylist, there are many tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years to help hide thinning areas. You can brush your hair a different way, cut the hair shorter, or use styling products to create a new hairstyle. But the best trick I’ve learned is to apply XFusion Keratin Fibers to hide hair loss.


These Fibers fill in thinning areas and work with all of my clients’ hair, because the product is offered in a range of different colors. Even clients who have two-toned hair can use this product, all I have to do is mix two or more colors together to find their exact match. I love using this product on clients and seeing the difference it makes!

Johnny, Hairstylist
Philadelphia, PA

I know that most of my clients want to achieve that full, voluminous look I provide for them in the salon, when they’re at home. So, when I’m putting the finishing touches on a client with fine or thin hair, before I send them off into the world with their great new look, I’ll walk them through how to apply one of my favorite secret weapons as a professional: XFusion Root Volumizing Spray. I like to have them apply it themselves in the salon so I can watch and guide them. Since the product is so effective and easy to use, most clients get the hang of it right away…


Here’s what I tell them: starting at the top of the head, take your hair in about one inch sections, then spray at the roots in short spurts, holding the bottle about four inches from your head. Work your way toward the crown. After the product is applied, I’ll usually massage their hair with my fingertips to build body and gently pat to fix any loose strands.

Many of my clients have come back saying that XFusion Root Volumizing Spray is their new favorite hair product. It’s easy for them to use at home and creates that same, “I just left the salon” lift and volume, but it also makes for a great dry shampoo, perfect for extending a great hairstyle an extra day or two!

Donna, Hairstylist,
Houston, TX